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18-08-2004 12:47
official notice
The foundation af the style
The 12 june 2004 is been born a new Style called Makotokai Karate devised from Master Paolo Bolaffio. After a long phase of experimentation and search supported from the study of numerous Styles and Martial arts it has been developed a method of training and interpretation of the execution of the techniques and the Kata that we think innovative and proponibile to practicing of every Discipline. The Makotokai is inspired and connected to practical of the traditional karate; it has like the primary objective the effectiveness of the techniques trought a new and modern approach that considers fundamental the study and the search to support of the method. We reported the Manifesto of founding of the Makotokai Style: The fourty-year practical, the study, the search and the instruction within of numerous Martial Arts joined with a along period of experimentation and tests, have inspired to me to create an innovative style of Karate that I have called Makotokai
The method provide that trainees use techniques to contact, moves with fluid movements and are ables to vary the level of force and speed with modalities that remember the interaction between the sun and the moon. The style and the method are in constant evolution and provide the formation of instructors whom they form practicing able and available to the continuous search and evolution that characterize to my way of thinking and to act. Today in Trieste trought of the Makoto Dojo, that it is the origin of these changes, the first competent black belts in Makotokai style are proclamed. This day assumes the of official birthday of the Makotokai style and this sheet of is founding Manifesto. I'm greatfull to the friends, collaborators and students for the aid, the support and the encouragement that they have given to me in order to construct together what in future it will be the style of Master Paolo Bolaffio.

Trieste 12 june 2004                  

Master Paolo Bolaffio

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