M. K. I.

Makotokai International is an institution that unites a worldwide network of affiliated gyms that teach and practice disciplines connected to Makotokai. Our mission is to spread our knowledge all over the world, so practitioners will become better, stronger, and more efficient. Remember, the only limits are the ones we set ourselves, and since we at Makotokai International do not believe in limits, we welcome with open arms anyone who wants to join us, to learn, and to study.

Inside Makotokai International there are different Karate and Neijia organizations – some practicing both disciplines, some only Karate or Neijia, and some only selected disciplines of Neijia. Karate practitioners from many other major styles come to study Makotokai karate. This is because once they’ve seen how and what Makotokai karate can do, there are few remaining doubts. Who, after all, does not to wish to be strong and efficient and to maintain a healthy body and spirit?

MKI is comprised of two committees: one for Makotokai Karate and the other for Makotokai Neijia, each of which organize and control international seminars, competitions, and meetings in their respective discipline. They are called “The A Group” and also influence Makotokai’s international operations and policies. There is at least one representative from each represented nation in “The A Group” and they meet twice a year in different locations.

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